Welcome to my Blog

My name is Czarina and I have been blogging for years. I have so much about how nice WordPress is and tried it out. I had the experience using it from one of my past jobs as a freelance writer.

I will try my best to make my blog as helpful and as educational as it can be. I am actually shooting two birds with one stone. First, I would like to master the WordPress navigation and second I want to revive my old love which is blogging.

As a freelance web content writer, I need to be familiar with various CMS software. So far I have used Joomla and Drupal. Now, I would like to learn WordPress. As it is now a skill that is on demand by companies, small business and sole traders. I am always open to tips and suggestions that will certainly be appreciated. Please contact me and will surely be glad to hear from you.

I am also open o any job offers that I can help as I am a freelance telecommuting professional from Manila, Philippines.

I hope to hear from you soon, 🙂 Czarina


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