Adobo Proudly Philippine Made

All over the world a country can be distinguished or be known for the food they eat. One of the passions of human beings is eating :). Anywhere you go that particular country may always be known for a specific dish that they are famously known for.

Let me prove my point here. Say Italy- either spaghetti or pizza, say America – steaks, say Japan – sushi, say England – fish and chips. Am sure you already know what I mean by now :).

And since I am from Manila, Philippines (small archipelago in the South East Asia region right below Japan) I am particularly interested to discuss about our food culture. I am not sure if all my fellow Filipino would agree with me here. But I am open and fell free to comment or contact me and will be happy to hear from you.

When we say Philippines the food that comes in mind is Adobo.  Our vinegar and soy sauce stewed pork or chicken or both. The Filipinos have a very vast and diverse regional cultures. Including cooking where we have various versions of Adobo.

Some prefer pork or chicken or even both plus other ingredients such us pork or chicken liver. Some would like it to be saucy but some would like it dry. Some would like it salty, citrusy and some don’t. Personally, if you ask me I like using both chicken and pork with chicken liver and gizzard dry and salty. 🙂 Some, would prefer it white, (no soy sauce) some put hard boiled eggs as garnish. Traditionally, dry and salty adobo comes with a side dish of red tomatoes on the side.

As a hands on mom, I am always conscious of what I feed my children. So far, my own version of adobo is a hit with them. My recipe for my adobo is chicken and pork, vinegar, soy sauce, lots of minced garlic, pepper corns and some chicken liver. I fry all meats after marinating them in garlic, soy sauce, peppercorns for at least 30 mins. the longer the better, best overnight in the refrigerator.

And here is the finish product. Enjoy! 🙂

hippiemommy’s version of adobo

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