Marinating Monday

Actually, I did this activity on a Sunday night. The reason Monday came into the picture is because it was prepared Sunday but marinated overnight and will be cooked Monday. Another reason is that it will be my 12 year son’s packed lunch to school.

For the past months, I have not marinated meats for my son’s packed lunch or breakfast. Simply, because there was a time that Bruce (my son) just had too much of it and I think we have tried almost all store-bought marinating mix available in the supermarket. For the past months I have packed his lunch with those ready to fry vacuum-packed mostly chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, etc. The best was and I think is still natural and healthy is the Chicken Finger series of Magnolia Chicken Station. They have chicken vanilla fingers, chicken pepperoni fingers, chicken cheese fingers  and chicken pesto fingers. They are all yummy.

But I know the others are not that healthy compared to what I used to when I marinated meats naturally. I just simply ran out of marinating ideas. We have tried Hickory barbeque, honey mustard barbeque sauce, made our own tapa etc. I usually use either Clara Ole or Mama Sita’s Products.

Tapas are in these days. I may be a homebody mom and don’t go out, But I noticed that my twenty-something – Melbourne based boss, more often than not, asks me to book her meetings in restaurants with tapas.

So were are going back to tapas at home, too.

I tried Clara Ole’s  Tapa Marinade for my 1 kilo of pork meat thinly sliced. I tasted the marinade and for me it’s too citrusy. It lacks the thump of garlic and the sweetness. I decided to peel my own garlic cloves, fine black pepper and added some sugar to the mixture. And the marinated product and the marinate mix.

The next 1 kilo of pork also thinly sliced I used Clara Ole’s Korean Flavor BBQ Marinade. As soon as I open the pouch I already noticed the sweet smell of sesame seeds, oh so Korean! I tasted the marinade and it was just perfect! My taste buds can now imagine how it would taste when cooked. For this I plan to pan grill rather than  charbroil grill it. I can’t imagine myself with charcoals at early sleepy 5am. Here is the marinated meat and the marinating mix

And that’s all folks. Until next time. Happy frying and eating! 🙂

Update from the Author: The post was supposed to be live 23 July on a Monday. But WordPress was buggy yesterday and I was only able to complete and publish today the 24th.


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