Time for a Healthy Change (Part 1)

Since, the day I knew  about my youngest son’s condition and expecting an avalanche of medical and therapy bills not to mention special education school bills. I took a part time job in the afternoon. It begins at 3PM (just when I get off from my full time job) and ends at 7pm. Sounds, really easy right? I just write or ghost write my client’s blog. And link his blog to an affiliate paysite where he makes a commission if someone buys from his blog.

I think that was a culprit when I started to get indigestion more often.  I had a history of gall bladder stones and I know that after taking medicine and being able to release whatever it is causing mayhem on my digestive system it’s gone. But this time it was kind a different because it comes back after a few minutes or so even though I did  not eat or drink anything to upset my stomach.

I realized that whenever I smoke a cigarette (I smoke at least half a pack a day of Marlboro Lights) it triggers the pain. I tried not to smoke in the next 12 hours and I did not feel the pain. I tried to smoke a stick again and the pain is back. Alright, am not going to smoke for awhile. My son Bruce said that “Ma, why don’t you quit altogether?” That’s a good idea, but easier said than done.

I never knew the reason why it was so easy for me to quit smoking whenever I knew that I was pregnant. Because I don’t feel any craving for it and I just stop cold turkey. It was difficult when I am not. Maybe it is psychological. Maybe when I am pregnant I know the smoke is bad for the baby and I wouldn’t do anything to harm the baby. The last time I tried to quit I was like crazy to trying to get some smoke. I lasted for about three days not smoking then slideback again.

I searched the internet about what I was feeling. This abdominal pain and indigestion etc. I just stumbled upon this article that has changed the way I look on my lifestyle. It was an article from Yahoo! 7 Commonly Ignored Heart Attack Symptoms

If it was a quiz I almost aced. The past 2-3 weeks I felt all the signs. The thought of a heart attack with would terrify my two boys. I have been since I had my first child. I am overweight, overworked, overstressed and have been over smoking.

The first thing I did was to thank God I am still around. The second thing to do is to come with a plan to shape up. I am beginning by quitting my bad habit. The article sited stress and smoking as the common cause.

Alright, I have quit smoking since 20th of  June. I knew that I have to give up one of my jobs. I decided to give up the afternoon job I had that has been given me so much stress. In the afternoon, I relax or spend time with my kids. I also had to give up oily food. Especially, pork fat which I love so much.

I know I have long way to go to shape but at least it’s a good start. As to my bills I know God will provide. I think it is not worth it in exchange for my life and I fear for my children. What would ever happen to them without me?


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