Time for a Healthy Change (Part 2)

Hi all I know that it has been a while. It’s a more than a couple of weeks now. Speaking of time, it is great to highlight and proud that it has been almost two months since the last time I had a stick of ciggie ( : such an achievement. Although, I must admit I still get the cravings and each encounter is a challenge to resist lighting one.

When quitting smoking it has always been associated with weight gain. Some people has gained weight after quitting. I can attest to that. As for craving for a cigarette has been converted to craving for food!

I want to have a fitness program I can enter into. The last time I stepped on the scale I found out that I am back to my pregnant weight when I was having Joaquin, my youngest. Don’t ask the exact number it’s too embarrassing to say.

I have been unfit most of my motherhood life. I can’t just jump into strict diet and exercise. Death might be instantaneous. I am taking little baby steps and gradually increasing. The first step was giving up eating pork fat.

I also started walking 15 minutes a day. That was two weeks ago so I am now walking 30 minutes a day. I feel good doing that. I can now take deep breathes ever since I quit smoking and walking daily.

I also realized that working up a sweat makes my cigarette cravings go away. Stress also flies away when I sweat.  I read in article somewhere that avoiding stress by swearing or exercise is very effective.

I am also looking at buying a bike. Anyway, since Bruce is bugging me to buy him a bike every year, and now that the two of us may need one I think it’s time to get one.

Time for a healthy change so I can stay longer with my children. They can only depend on me an no one else.


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