One Proud Mama

In my experience raising kids there are things that they might have interest now but won’t be over a period of time. He may be into basketball now but in a few months he maybe interested in a totally different sport now. Kids attention span nowadays is so short that you haven’t even recovered from the last time. At least I speak for my kids.

My eldest son Bruce is one example. We have gone through a lot of hobbies, activities and sports. The most important thing is that as a mother I should never get tired of supporting him all the way in whatever endeavor he may be currently in, short or long term or maybe until he discovers what he really wants.

At a very early age Bruce had interest in the arts. It is not surprising that he would take  up from his old man. Or maybe from my brothers and sisters who were all great artists.  But after a few years growing up he has forgotten about his craft. He was more into music for quiet sometime and until now. He had interest in playing the drums. So, his dad bought him a snare drum and he auditioned in his school’s marching band. My sons are both achievers he got in and has been dedicated to the band until today.

bruce12012-12-07 07.59.48

It was 4 years ago when I bought his first computer and was introduced to Paint that his interest in drawing was again revived. It was last year during his computer lab class when he was caught by his teacher doodling digitally on his class computer unit. Instead of being reprimanded, the teacher asked can he do the same thing using a pencil. He said yes and his teacher told him that she wants to speak his parents. When I got a call from his teacher and he was officially being drafted to the school’s Art team.

His first competition was the inter-school competition before qualifying he had to compete with fellow  artsy students. He made it to the eliminations and eventually chosen to represent the campus against sister schools. My motherly support then was in full gear. He would have grueling 4 hour a day practice after class drawing and designing posters.

Came the competition he placed third place over all but the school board decided to give him a gold medal instead of a bronze for his unique approach to his design. Not bad for a first timer.

 poster1 bruce_lap_medal2012-12-14 16.28.03

Am so proud of you baby and I want you to know that in whatever you want to achieve I will always be there for a 101% all the way. 🙂


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