Finally the hype over love is over

Finally, silence. All these hype about Valentine’s day finally is fading away. Do I sound  bitter about love? Maybe yes but I wasn’t like this before. And I don’t want to  affect other people about my attitude. When I see my Facebook homepage flooded with love quotes, greetings, pictures of where they went I just keep mum. And now that it’s over it’s my time to rant on my own blog.

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Who wouldn’t like the overrated feeling of being in love? I had my own share of that feelings before. In fact my greatest love I married him and bore two wonderful boys. But all it brought me was a lot pain and suffering. Though, I have no regrets. Learned an important lesson and I have my children now.

My marriage lasted for ten years. Ten years of raging typhoons and twisting hurricanes. My family knows how much I loved him dearly and has practically gave up everything. It was the most devastating experience in my entire life. I felt that I have died and have risen from the dead. It took two years after the break up for me to move on and have forgiven him. I can laugh out loud now with those ten years. I have grown to treat my ex like a friend a tag team partner for the children.

This experience though has changed my perspective of falling in love again. Taking extra careful steps, hold back and most of the time completely reject and shove the opportunity. I pity my next partner but it would surely the best test to prove if he is the right Valentine’s for me.


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