The man who has completed my womanhood

It was April 12 in the year 2000, I was in the recovery room at the hospital after my very first major operation in my entire life. I called out for the nurse and I asked “Where is my baby? I want to see my baby.”  The anesthesia was weakening me as I open my mouth. The nurse said, “Ma’am please do not try to speak you have just completed the c-section and per hospital policy we cannot show your baby you have to recover first.” Disgruntled and with all my might I howled ” I want to see my child now!” The nurse was aghast “Ma’am don’t worry about your baby, he is fine and he is so healthy. The loudest yelling baby is yours that means he is very healthy.” I smiled and this time begging the nurse. “Please I want to see him even just for a second. I beg you”. The nurse then looked around to see if there is anyone else in the hall. She left and while I waited my eyes were heavy from sedation.

The nurse arrived with a huge bundle of wraps in her arms, “Ma’am here is your baby he is so healthy”. I slowly opened my eyes and I have seen the most beautiful being I have ever seen in my life. The weakness I have felt suddenly turned into an energy as the angel opened one eye and smiled at me. God is the greatest to have created such a human being as the one I see before my eyes.

Happy 13th birthday son. You make my life easier and that made me feel such a strong woman. I thank God for giving you to me I can feel his blessings through you and I am the luckiest mother in the world. You have completed my womanhood.



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