A very late post Christmas article

In that song by the Carpenters “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” there is a line there that says, “greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through…”. Well this post is way, way later than that. Every year before I go on my annual much awaited long break it seems that everything is being rushed. All clients need everything at this precise moment. It becomes the busiest and the heaviest workload of the year. I told one of my clients that it’s like a race to finish.

So, I was busy before the holidays as usual and during the break I was busy for my family. And of course was busy for myself. Facebook seems the quickest was to update so this was originally posted on my Facebook account:

I have always thought my children that Christmas was not all about themselves. It’s not about the time to get all your wishes come true. New stuff like clothes, toys and other gifts. It’s about being selfless, others first before you. Being a single mum with a Christmas budget, they understand that most of it will go to all the people we need to be thankful for. Their teachers, their nanny, their school bus driver, the ice cream vendor etc. Once we have shared our blessings to these people anything left we can feast on.

What’s important is we have Christmas dinner together, and we have a thanksgiving prayer for all the blessings we had for the year. After all isn’t this the whole concept of Christmas? When Jesus was selflessly born into this world to save the world.

What I am always thankful and will always be are my children. They are my strength, my spirit and my whole reason for being. 🙂