Go organic, stay sustainable

For two years I worked for an organization that promoted human rights, animal rights, the environment and the child. I have learned a lot of things aside from the skills I have acquired during my employment. And it was only a few days ago, that it reminded me that I should practice or I have not been practicing the values I have learned from the organization. It was when a comment on my Facebook account from my brother’s former life partner (a hippy, vegan and Hare Krishna devotee) that made me realize, duh? I was former General Manager of an activist group and I didn’t know or realized that?

Here was the post:

FB comment

So, yeah it’s so simple turn your unused, vacant spot in your home or an apartment into a vegetable patch. Learn to be sustainable especially these days with Global warming and the many unusual things happening here in our planet.

That is going to be my pet project. Am going to turn this small square cemented space in front my small apartment. I was never a green thumb. All those plant and pot science project in school all died and wilted I swear am not gonna lie.

I will update my blog on my progress. Will begin by shopping for pots, soil and seeds. I may not eat them, I can give it away to those who are in need of food and it can simply make my place cooler especially this coming summer.

empty cemented space
This is the empty cemented space in my apartment that I plan to make it into a veggie patch.

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